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Bernard Shaw's Major Barbara - Presented by STS

Can good people make war on war?  Or will good people always be the instruments of evil in this world?  If you think this subject can't be the theme of a comedy, you don't know Bernard Shaw or Major Barbara.  It's a brilliant satire, a touching tragedy, a multitude of authentic and gripping characters and a symphony of ideas worthy of---nay, demanding--our consideration in this day and age one hundred years after Major Barbara was first performed.
Major Barbara kisses her fiance, Adolphus Cusins.

The all-star cast will carry you away with paradox and poetry.  Linda Roper plays the idealistic Major Barbara Undershaft, a Salvation Army convert striving to save people's souls with a strength of personality inbred in her by her mother, the imperious Lady Britomart (Deborah Warren).  Barbara faces a crisis of conscience when she discovers that her work depends on charity furnished by commercial enterprises -- liquor and guns -- antithetical to her ideals, the latter evil appearing in the person of her amoral father, Andrew Undershaft (Chris Bailey). Barbara's fiance, Adolphus Cusins (Justin Waldo), an academic, intellectual and a "collector of religions", finds himself being beguiled by both Barbara and her father, drawn to succeed to the head of the horrible armaments business as a way to "make war on war."  The hypocrisy of all this is illustrated by the down and out Salvation Army wards and their warders (played by Pamela Waldo, John Stobaeus, Bruce Colbert, Seraphina Mallon-Breiman, Katherine Reich and Dean Schaumbach).  The cast is rounded out by Dorothy and Damien Toman, playing Barbara's siblings, the indolent Sarah and the super-serious Stephen, with Adam Alberts as Sarah's bumbling beau. Lou Ludwig cares for the family as butler Morrison.

Major Barbara

Major Barbara