Linda Roper -

Born in the United Kingdom, Linda Roper is a talented character actress who studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
- Glasgow, Scotland. (photos of some of her roles)

Receiving accolades for her performances in comedies and tradgedies on "both sides of the pond", (see her Reviews Page and Resume); Linda has expanded her skills to become an accomplished voice-over talent. Whether portraying youthful exhuberance, sophisticated elegance, or knowledgeable tourguide, Linda's expressive voice is flexible and convincing (listen to her Voice-over recordings).

Alice Pond, a beautiful Zen Garden, has been the site for fund raisers for a local homeless shelter.

In addition, Linda spearheaded the formation of a Hudson Valley-based professional theatrical company, - Over the Pond to Poughkeepsie Ensemble - to present play readings to benefit the restoration of Maple Grove; an historic 19th-century home on Poughkeepsie’s South Side.

Linda Roper
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